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Cabanes’s gastronomy is one of the richest and most varied in the province, as it is a municipality bathed by the sea and with the inland charm of the mountains. Rice, vegetables and fish are the basic ingredients of the traditional dishes of La Ribera de Cabanes, such as paella, arròs a banda and arròs negre. The town’s fishing and agricultural traditions can be seen in the cuisine in which the fruit, such as oranges and peaches, are also outstanding. Inland, Cabanes enjoys an extraordinary reputation for its game dishes made with meat, mountain snails, mushrooms and vegetables. Also typical is olla, with local vegetables and pork sausages. The cultivation of almonds and the agricultural tradition of the municipality is also present in the traditional confectionery. Cabanes is one of the main producers of almonds in the Valencian Community and this fact is reflected in the traditional confectionery.


Game meat, olla, tombet and stewed broad beans are some of the dishes you can try inland. Fish and rice dishes take centre stage in the Ribera region. Olla, which can be enjoyed all year round, is a stew made of meat (chicken, bacon, pork, etc.), beans, thistles, onions, chickpeas, potatoes and black pudding. “Tombet” is a dish consisting of chopped lamb accompanied with garlic, onion, and optionally bay leaf and cinnamon, to which broth and cognac are added, which is left to cook for an hour. This dish is prepared and served in a clay pot.


Traditional confectionery can be found in Cabanes, especially “farinoses” or fig cakes and “coca celestial”, a typical Christmas sweet made with almonds and walnuts. Pumpkin preserve and sweet potato cakes, “els prims” and “coques de Sant Antoni” are also traditional, along with “oblà” on All Saints’ Day and “mona de Tallades”, an Easter treat.


The Bellmunt i Oliver de Cabanes winery is in the town centre of Cabanes at Carrer Escultor Maurat, 22. Ildum is a newly-built family winery adapted to production needs. It has three main areas. The upper floor is a multipurpose room for events, tastings, presentations and a shop selling all the products, and the ground floor is the production area and a cellar where the wine ageing, second fermentation and ageing of sparkling wine take place.

Address: C/ Escultor Maurat, 22. 12180 Cabanes
Telephone: 696445481
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