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La Plana de l’Arc

The MACVAC, the Vicente Aguilera Cerni Contemporary Art Museum located in Vilafamés, plays an essential role in contemporary art in La Plana de l’Arc. It was one of the first contemporary art museums in Spain and houses almost 700 works of art by artists who are leaders of the artistic avant-garde, both nationally and internationally.

In addition, the Green Trail Network is going to become an open-air museum of contemporary art that you cannot miss!


La Plana de l’Arc’s spectacular landscape already makes it a work of art. The area is beautifully decorated with mountains, sea, lagoons and varied orchards. Add the open-air sculpture projects along its network of green trails, paths, tracks and roads, and it is impossible not to want to get lost there.

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Our first project created in 2021 by the brothers Blas and Pablo Montoya in Trashformaciones, a fusion of art, imagination and originality, in which they turn our waste into art!

Travel through La Plana de l’Arc and discover the iron sculptures erected in honour of the Roman Arch and the local nature. You will find them in each of its seven municipalities along the Green Trail Network that connects the villages with Via Augusta.


Seven sculptural installations have been developed with the aim of unifying all the municipalities in La Plana de l’Arc, highlighting the Roman triumphal arch of Cabanes and its construction technique.

These sculptures are made from recycled iron beams from demolition sites, moulded into cubes and transformed into the keystones that form the semicircular arches in honour and likeness of Roman architecture.

At that time, stone was used as a construction material and the same technique has been followed but with the more avant-garde aesthetic finish found in the type of installations produced by Trashformaciones. They create artworks using recycled materials after studying the cycles of matter and exploring the results that can be obtained from materials that at first appear to have no value.
In addition to these seven arches, two other sculptures symbolising the local nature have been created in Coves de Vinromà and Torre d’en Doménec following the same philosophy of sustainability.

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The Trail of 7 Chairs

It is a project created in 2022 to continue to be an exciting open-air art museum.

Seven giant chairs that pay homage to sitting in the fresh air, quiet conversation, gazing at the landscape … In other words, slow moments.

Seven chairs, one for each village. Seven different colours, with seven different messages, along the network of green trails in La Plana de l’Arc, places of spectacular beauty. They are made of natural materials such as wood and hemp and are tattooed with the seven most representative plants of La Plana de l’Arc.

Seven chairs in which you can calmly and respectfully visit both the chair and land you are looking at. A real gift.

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The Trail of 7 Chairs


The Vicente Aguilera Cerni Contemporary Art Museum in Vilafamés is in Palacio del Batlle, a Gothic palace built in the mid-15th century and renovated in the 18th century. It was founded and directed by Vicente Aguilera Cerni, an art critic, in 1970. After his death and until 2015, the executive director was José Garnería, also an art critic. Since 2015 the director has been Rosalía Torrent, a lecturer at Jaume I University.

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On the Art Trail you can visit several urban landmarks from the 20th and 21st centuries, each with its own particular history and function, most of which express facets of local history and everyday life.

So, in addition to their artistic value, all the works have an enormous sentimental value for the people of Vall d’Alba. Let art nourish your soul!


A multidisciplinary art festival that will cover a specific theme each year. Contributions from the performing, plastic and visual arts … Training workshops, collaborative artistic projects, discussions, meetings, performances, exhibitions, tours, trips, artistic residencies, etc.

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The three floors of this hall house the work of three local contemporary artists.


The first and second floors display the twenty-four works gifted by Tomás Roures Saura to his hometown in a permanent exhibition. They are works into which the artist has poured his soul, his family intimacy, his human contradictions, his complaint in defence of a changing, problematic world … All in modern and dynamic pictorial and sculptural language that will touch any visitor’s heart.


The ground floor contains the work of two other painters: José Sales and Santi Tena. Young creators in the process of maturing, who are making steady progress in the world of painting. The temporary exhibition shows us a current, dynamic work. Altogether this makes for an enjoyable and surprising visit. Come and see it!