in Benlloc

Celebrate tradition

If you love open-air dances, are moved by the joy of pilgrimages or are passionate about the ancestral traditions that combine all 5 elements in a unique alchemy, you cannot miss the festivities in Benlloc.


Patron saint’s festivals

Dates: Around 15 August.
This is one of Benlloc’s most representative and identifying festivities with open-air parties, theatre, street paellas, sports, dances and much more. The festivities take place in the traditional historical centre and are dedicated to Mare de Déu de l’Assumpció.

Sant Antoni

Date: the Saturday closest to 17 January.
In the Sant Antoni festivities, traditional bonfires are made and animal blessing takes place. The bonfires in every street are a magical spectacle that attracts a large number of visitors. However, the special feature of Benlloc is that late at night there is a parade that starts in Plaça de la Iglesia square in which thirty to sixty pairs of riders in period costume and their horses harnessed with saddles go through the village streets. Later, traditional snacks, such as cod, coques and free-flowing wine are offered to visitors and local people.

Sants Màrtirs

Date: Last Saturday in July.
The Saints of Stone are carried in a procession from Assumpció Church to Adjutori Chapel. So many people take part in this pilgrimage that more than 2200 rolls are given out to the pilgrims.