Restaurants and

gastronomy in Benlloc

Savoury, sweet, coastal and inland

Benlloc’s restaurants offer purely Mediterranean cuisine in which olive oil, almonds, cereals and honey are the main ingredients. This hybrid territory between the coast and inland allows you to savour sausages and dishes such as olleta de Benlloc, which brings together the best products from both worlds. And if you love confectionery, both sweet and savoury, take a break and try the sweet potato and pumpkin pies, fig coca, rollets de piló, honey coca and the artisanal turrón nougat made in the town.


Bodega Mas de Rander

Ctra, Torreblanca-Vilanova, (CV 145) Km 2
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Casa Perito

C/ dels Sants Màrtirs, 19
T. 964339054
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Restaurante Bodega Martin

C/ de Loreto, A-6
T. 647063582
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Bar Praxedes

C/ de Loreto, 8
T. 699045071
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Bocatería Vicky

C/ d’Enmig, 2
T. 964339191
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Cafetería Colorins

Plaça de Sant Antoni, 4
T. 964339966
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Cafetería Forn ca Pedro

Plaça de Sant Antoni, 15
T. 964339063
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