Restaurants and gastronomy

in Les Coves de Vinromà

Savour the traditions

Les Coves’s restaurants offer a rich gastronomy with excellent local dishes, in which the mountain plays the starring role with vegetables, fruit, cheeses, wine and olive oil. Les Coves’s outstanding desserts, including coques and other sweets, delight visitors and chapters of books and press articles have been written about them.


Bar Restaurante Talisman

C/ Sant Antoni, 40
T. 964155943
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Pensión San Pau

Carretera Castellón, nº2, Carrer dels Tres Cantons, 4, B
T. 964745864
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Bar les coves

Pl/ Espanya, 20
T. 637066744

Bar Rosa

C/Alacant, 1
T. 63604178
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Cafeteria ca Iban

Plaça Espanya, 10
T. 690726297
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La Terrassa del Temple

Partida El Temple
T. 619208313
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