in Vilafamés

The soul of the centuries

There are festivities filled with the affection of the people, the voice that passes down from generation to generation. These local festivities open up like petals to visitors, presenting them with folk culture that is as open as it is seductive.


Sant Antoni Abad

Dates: Weekend in mid-January.
The folk festival cycle begins with the festivity of Sant Antoni Abad and the matxà or horseback procession that goes through the different streets of the town, where large bonfires are lit and, in some places, a roll is handed out to the participants. The procession ends at Plaça de la Font square, where the rolls are handed out by the Town Hall.

Sant Miquel Arcàngel

Dates: 4th Sunday in Lent.
This consists of a pilgrimage to the chapel of the same name where the patron saint of the town, Sant Miquel Arcàngel, is venerated. Mass is celebrated at the chapel and a picnic lunch is held. In the Procession of the Crosses, girls and boys carry crosses made of heather. At night, the Procession of the Drunks takes place, in which, beside the Roca Grossa, the pilgrims accompanying the patron saint Sant Miquel and the Crist de la Sang Brotherhood meet them and continue in procession to the church.

Sant Vicent Ferrer

Dates: Easter
The celebrations that take place during Easter week include the festivity of Sant Vicent Ferrer. The festivity is characterised by picnics in which mones de Pasqua, a sweet that is only made during this festivity, are eaten.

Patron Saint Festivities in Honour of the Virgin Mary

Dates: Mid-August.
The patron saint festivities in honour of La Verge de l’Assumpció and El Crist de la Sang, are celebrated for 10 days during which the activities are very varied with exhibitions, concerts, sporting activities, competitions, open-air dances and bullfights. The main event is the “Serenata al bou” in which a bull receives special, differential treatment to the rest of the bulls on display.

Sant Miquel de Veremes

Dates: 29 September.
This festivity is dedicated to Sant Miquel and is also known as Veremes because it is held after the grape harvest, an important activity in the town during the second half of the 20th century, and to differentiate it from the celebration that takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Various events take place at the chapel itself: excursions, meals, liturgical celebrations, etc.